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Heart-based Medicine Empowering Awareness with Each Step

About Us


Energy Healing Services

We support your unique journey of personal transformation and spiritual awakening with compassion and guidance from Spirit. 

Together we address your physical, emotional, and psychological needs and help you integrate healing back into your everyday life.


Workshops & Events

Our goal is to bring ancient wisdom and practices into the modern world with workshops and events that are relevant to the challenges we face today.  Our healing journey is ever unfolding.  All offerings see the possible versus the probable for an empowered individual.  

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Vision & Stewardship

As part of the great web of life, we value and honor, reciprocity with Mother Earth and all of creation.  Working with the community and sharing the ancient wisdom teachings of the Peruvian Shaman is at the core of our offerings.

Energy healing services

Energy Illumination

Heavy Energy Clearing

Energy Illumination


An Illumination works with your luminous blueprint to clear energy imprints held from past experiences, including trauma, heartache, and ancestral inclinations. 

These imprints affect your emotional, physical, and perceptual well-being and dictate how you love, work, relate, play, and die.

This step in the healing process illuminates your field, brings you into balance, and opens a path for a more vital healthy and joyful life.

Soul Retrieval

Heavy Energy Clearing

Energy Illumination


Soul Retrieval is a spiritual healing process of restoration and renewal practiced by many cultures. 

Through daily living, we experience injury, illness, and trauma (e.g. PTSD), which can result in parts of our soul lying dormant. This compromises our vibrancy or soul essence, often referred to as soul loss

The revelations and re-union with your essential parts open doors to core transformations in beliefs and behaviors at all levels. 

Heavy Energy Clearing

Heavy Energy Clearing

Heavy Energy Clearing


Heavy Energy Clearing  is done in many ways to bring normal conditions and function back to a land, a place or a person.  

This work is performed with the highest integrity and respect for all of creation, freeing the person or place from its core receptivity and returning the heavy energy back to a safe place in the universe. 

Sacred Ceremony

Shamanic Mentoring

Heavy Energy Clearing


Sacred Ceremony is a powerful way to honor a significant passage, bring change into our life, and connect with Spirit at the Soul level.

Infusing ceremony with a pure intention and an open heart raises an ordinary ritual to the level of the Sacred.

Honoring with gratitude a new birth, business, relationship, name, or special event plants a seed of extraordinary potential on your path.  Despachos and Fire ceremonies are a few examples.


Shamanic Mentoring

Shamanic Mentoring


Divination offers guidance, insight, and possibilities that emerge from a sacred way of “seeing”.  At times throughout life, the root of what concerns us seems hidden, so we seek out some understanding and clarity.  Even your dreams speak of possibilities. 

This service highlights awareness and personal growth that empowers you to bridge what is “unseen with the seen”.

Ex. of methods:  Journeying, Card Stories, Readings thru items from Nature.

Shamanic Mentoring

Shamanic Mentoring

Shamanic Mentoring


Mentoring offers you individualized coached sessions about shamanic teachings and practices whether you are new to these or on the path.  

This is a way to honor yourself and take a practice/interest and delve into it deeply. You carve time out to awaken and experience shamanic perception in everyday life.  At home practice/study applies.

Ex: Journeying basics or next steps to integrate journeys, Creating Sacred Space, Intuitive opening with nature.

Workshops & Events




 JUNE 6, 2020


Bridge Healing Arts Center

304 Main Street, Farmington, CT 06032

Join us for a program about your Perception Quotient (PQ) -  an indicator for how we view the world, people, challenges, and  situations.

You'll have a chance to check in with your own PQ - learn how it  could be more expansive and hence beneficial for your happiness and  overall well-being.  Come and practice shifting your perception because how we perceive life has deep and far-reaching implications.

Presenter: Patricia Shannon, Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Andean Bliss, LLC in Vernon and

Admission:   $30  Please register with Patricia at or 860-871-5467

Next shaman's tent




Four monthly sessions -  1st Saturday of each month 

Dates: Dec. 7, Jan. 4, Feb. 1, and Mar. 7; 10:00am - Noon

Offered by Patricia Shannon through Spirit Matters

At Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center

199 West Center Street, Manchester, CT

A series to touch in with your inner knowing, the sage that partners with you but whose voice is sometimes not heard or not recognized as your own divine light. We all have those times when the voice seems too soft, or our own doubting voice dismisses it through fear, lack of clarity, or mistrust. 

This series helps you connect with your own divinity and learn to trust it. We will look at the Shadow who mistrusts, the Sacred Warrior who finds the peace, the Diviner who connects with the inner sage and the Inner Sage who embraces the whole of who you are.  Join us to explore the Shaman’s way of envisioning life through shamanic journeying, wisdom sharing, and heartfelt ceremony. 

Admission: Each morning in the series is related yet standalone; $20 per morning. Please register with Patricia 860-871-5467 or




Farmer's Market Saging Guidance



Use the smoke or crumbled sage leaves for:

Cleansing &/or Blessing the energy field of your body, home, land, sacred tools.

1. Say, sing, or blow your intention for cleansing, healing, and/or blessing into the leaves. (whether using smoke or crumbled leaves)


After infusing sage with intention, Light the sacred sage leaves over/in a fire-proof container/shell; Fan the smoke with feather or hand over body, environment, healing tools etc.  Put out embers. If using a container you can put in sand before lighting sage to make it less hot to hold & a place to put out embers. 


After infusing sage with intention, crumble & spread sacred sage leaves over garden, into healing pouch or at your own designated place of choice.


Vision and Stewardship

Who We Are

Our common vision as a collective is to weave beauty, meaning, and balance into each step of your journey and to RESPECT all of creation.  We believe in the unlimited POTENTIAL of each individual and her or his power to be a CREATOR of destiny.

In this time of great change and even chaos, our commitment to RECIPROCITY manifests as stewardship within our communities.  For example:

  • Offering free presentations to interested groups
  • Initiating Community Sacred Fires
  • Presence at Holistic Fairs & Farmer's Markets

Learn More

Patricia Shannon and Marian Vitali each have their own Energy Medicine Practice to bring healing and personal empowerment to others.

"Dare to Dream and bring your Beauty into the World."        



About Your Healing Session.

You can expect your Energy Medicine Practitioner to be courteous, respectful, and hold the session space sacred for transformational processes to occur.

A sample session follows:  we ask you for the most relevant issue at hand; use our intuitive guidance to focus on the core of your concern; engage in a healing process; integrate it with a ceremony; recommend an at home practice; and closing.  

How does it work?

Healing at the energetic level lays the foundation for well being on all the other levels; mental, emotional, and physical.  These energy medicine sessions can provide healing through: a sense of peace, a deep rooted release, spiritual support, renewed focus, clarity, and connection to your inner longings, voice, and gifts.  Sometimes said, “You are the one you’ve been waiting for”.   

Is this like Reiki?

A question often asked, since the terms Energy Medicine and Energy Healing can be used as an umbrella for many systems of healing such as for Reiki and for Shamanic Energy Healing.  

Although each has their own unique features, history, teachings, and application, under this umbrella, most systems and modalities share at least one purpose – to benefit the client’s well being – holistically.

Is this associated with any religion?

Shamanism is not a religion nor associated with one. Sometimes when the word spirit or spiritual is used, people forget that these terms are universal and don't belong to any religion or any one religion. 

In general, shamanic energy healing also refers to spiritual healing. In this context spiritual speaks to a way of being interconnected to all of life, sometimes referred to as - web of life or spirit of life.

About Patricia & Marian


Patricia Shannon - Andean Bliss, llc

Patricia's passion for wellness and harmony led her from the world of corporate IT to the world of the shaman where she helps people resolve challenges they face and empowers them to step into their highest destiny.

Her  interest in metaphysics and the spiritual guided her to the wisdom teachings of the Andean Shaman of Peru. There she experienced much of her own healing as she completed intensive studies at The Four Winds with master shaman Alberto Villoldo.  

Through her  own experience with everyday work-related challenges, she is able to bring compassion and shamanic healing to others. She is also a founding-member of the Alliance for Holistic Living, an organization dedicated to building holistic awareness in the community.  

Patricia is a full-mesa carrier and certified energy-medicine practitioner.  Working with your energy field she helps you transform your life through physical wellness, spiritual healing, and sacred ceremony.

You can contact her at 860-871-5467 or


Marian Vitali - WholeLife Wellness & Shamanic Services

Marian Vitali DC, BFA, YT is a vibrant and compassionate energy medicine practitioner.  Connecting nature, spirit, and creativity to healing has been her guiding passion.  She has honed healing-intuitive-creative skills through years of:  treating patients as a chiropractor; guiding clients through holistic and shamanic processes in classes and privately; and melding creativity and ceremony into everyday life. 

She offers clients an integration of: shamanic healing, holistic wellness, mindfulness, and stress reducing practices.  This can involve processes for:  releasing limiting beliefs, restoring balance and peace, and connecting to one’s passion.  All to assist her clients to live their fullest potential.

Marian is a certified energy medicine practitioner and a full mesa carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero medicine people’s tradition.  She is a co-founder of Earth and Sky and a member of the following community organizations: Alliance for Holistic Living; Windham Area Hour Exchange; Ashford Arts Council. 

Like the earth and sky, all life is inter-connected, calling us to tend to ourselves, one another, and our planet. 

You can contact her at 860-918-8703 or   

Fees and Policies

About Our Fees

Sliding Scale: $100.- $150. per healing session.  Full payment is expected at the time of service.  If distant healing - the fee is payable prior to the session.

The fee for any series of our Energy Healing Services e.g., shamanic mentoring; multiple  healing sessions; is arranged with the practitioner. The fee is pre-paid and the series is to be completed within a set time frame. 

Sorry there are no refunds for a partially completed series.  

Additional fees apply when the practitioner travels.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy:

We appreciate and ask for 24hr  notice in both cancelling and rescheduling of your appointment.  


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Send us a message. We will schedule you for an in-person or remote session.

Earth and Sky Shamanic Collective

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